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The Keynotes

"Finally A Tech Talk That Is Not About Tech."

At most marketing and technology events it's all about data, technology and solutions. It's amazing how many new tools become available every single day. And with all this new technology you can easily end up with an event that forgets what it's really about: People. 


Mark's keynotes all about stories, examples and lessons learned. Instead of a highly energized speaker, Mark is a personal and relaxed speaker. No matter how large the audience is, they truly want to listen.  


Mark has spoken at 100+ events including The Next Web, VivaTech, Big Disruption, Data Humanized and the Global Chatbot Summit. He has also presented at various webinars such as from LinkedIn, the CMO Council and the Ecommerce Foundation.

Mark's most popular talks can be found below. They are all available as live and pre-recorded virtual keynotes.







Keynote 1: Customers Are People Too

"Customers Are People Too" The Keynote will show why it is so crucial to not only put a lot of effort into creating a five-star customer experience for all your customers, but also to do it with the right focus: emotion over technology. 


"It’s not about technology, it’s about people."


It’s about making our lives just a little bit better every day. And if we focus on this, extraordinary customer experiences will be created. The relationships between brands and customers will be built on trust, emotion and a true connection. This keynote will focus on creating this exceptional customer experience and why it’s so important to focus on the human side. 

Keynote 2: The Future of Customer Experience

"The Future of Customer Experience" is all about trends, extraordinary examples and how brands can prepare for the future. This is not a typical trends keynote with predictions and numbers. It's a no-nonsense talk about down to earth developments and ways to be agile as a brand to adapt. 

Like all of Mark's keynotes this talk is about the human side of the customer experience of the future. 

Keynote 3: The Customer's Experience

"The Customer's Experience" is about measuring a customer experience. How do you know if you are providing a five star customer experience? What's the difference about a customer experience and a customer's experience? How can you use technology where possible and be human where needed? 

All of these questions will be answered during Mark's talk. Complete adjusted to the audience of your event.


The Virtual Keynote

All keynotes are available as virtual keynotes. Not just as a standard "Zoom" talk but as a truly interactive experience using high quality technology. Attendees will experience a keynote that is as close to an in-person experience as possible. 

Professional lighting, sound, up to 5k video and virtual backgrounds. 

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